Used Fork-Lift-Trucks by Willenbrock

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We permanently provide 1.200 used forklift trucks of all lifting capacities and conditions: starting with the low-cost, roadworthy truck up to forklifts being as good as new. We offer our vehicles in different service packages, and its our customer´s decision, if and to which extend a truck will be reconditioned.

Willenbrock service packages

Linde PLUS ***

  • Fully serviced and checked according to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Mast, carriage and hydraulic system checked to manufacturer’s specification
  • Charger function tested
  • Battery in operating order
  • Steering axle checked for safety
  • Tyres and bandages in useable condition according to FEM 4.004
  • Electric motor in operating order
  • Engine checked
  • Drivers seat and seat belt in working order
  • Paint in good condition
  • All functions checked according to FEM 4.004
  • Operating manual
  • CE conformity certificate
  • Without any warranty

Linde SUPER****
Same as PLUS programme and following:

  • Emissions checked for combustion engines
  • Battery with minimum 70% capacity
  • Steering axle checked according to manufacturer’s specification
  • Tyres with minimum 60% remaining profile
  • Hydrostatic transmission checked according to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Drivers seat and seat belt in good condition
  • Repainted in manufacturer’s original colour
  • Forks and lift chains checked according to FEM 4.004
  • New safety check according to FEM 4.004
  • Complete handover
  • Warranty 3 months/250 working hours

Linde ULTRA*****
Same as SUPER programme and following:

  • Compression tested for combustion engines
  • Charger tested and certified
  • Battery with minimum 80% capacity and younger than 3 years
  • traction and lifting motor checked
  • Electric motor checked
  • Tyres with minimum 90% remaining profile
  • Driver’s seat and seat belt as good as new
  • Full preparation and repaint to manufacturer’s original colour
  • Lift chains with minimum 90% potential
  • Forks with minimum 90% potential
  • Mast rollers as good as new
  • Control elements as good as new
  • Transparent truck history available
  • Detailed handover
  • Warranty 6 months/500 working hours


Your person of contact in Bremen:

Leitung Verkauf
Stephan Pleus
Tel.: +49.4 21.54 97-1 29
Mobil: +49.175.9 32 04 05
Mail: stephan.pleus@willenbrock.de

Sales Used Trucks / End Customers
Jörg Wieber
deutsch, english
Tel.: +49.4 21.54 97-1 28
Mobil: +49.151.12 55 57 69
Mail: joerg.wieber@willenbrock.de

Sales Used Trucks
Joy Nüchter
deutsch, english
Tel.: +49.4 21.54 97-1 56
Mail: joy.nuechter@willenbrock.de

Your person of contact in Hannover:

Purchase and Sales Used Trucks / Dealers
Lars-Olaf Jarck
deutsch, english
Tel.: +49.5 31.70 12 70-20
Mobil: +49.175.9 32 04 27
Mail: lars-olaf.jarck@willenbrock.de